A Few Words About The Magistral-T company

The Magistral-T company was founded in 2010 for the repair of railway tracks by the method of aluminothermic welding of rail joints.

Aluminothermic welding is the most demanded technology of continuous joint of rails today. A welded track in the world practice of railways has become the most progressive and widespread structure of the superstructure of the track, which is operated in various operating and climatic conditions and gives a significant technical and economic effect due to a number of its advantages, including: an increase in the smoothness and comfort of train traffic in comparison with the link by improving the indicators of the dynamic interaction of the track and rolling stock, increasing the turnaround time of these technical means, reducing the costs of traction of trains due to a decrease in the main resistance to their movement, increasing the reliability of the operation of traction and signal electrical circuits, reducing the consumption of metal for butt fasteners, improving the environmental situation by reducing noise from passing trains and using reinforced concrete sleepers while reducing the consumption of valuable industrial wood and impregnating wooden sleepers with antiseptics harmful to health.

The efficiency and expansion of the scope of application of continuous welded track are increased as a result of mastering the re-laying of rail strings in the areas of their operation and the reuse of old-year strings on less active tracks.

At the moment, the staff of LLC «Magistral-T» is 25 fully staffed repair teams of 3 people, each of which has the necessary set of equipment for restoration work and is equipped with a road transport for operational and independent work. High professionalism and extensive experience of our employees allows us to guarantee the high quality of the work performed.

The company operates on the sections of the Moscow, Gorkovskaya, South-Eastern, Far Eastern, Krasnoyarsk, Northern, Privolzhskaya railways.

In 2018, the company became the sole owner in the Russian Federation of the technology for aluminothermic welding of rail joints using the intermediate casting method. Also, under the control of  Magistral-T, a casting component and accessories for aluminothermic welding are produced.

Thousands of welded joints
Thousands of km. railways
Employees in the company
Years of work