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About Us

The Magistral-T company was founded in 2010 for the repair of railway tracks by the method of aluminothermic welding of rail joints.

The efficiency and expansion of the scope of application of continuous welded track are increased as a result of mastering the re-laying of rail strings in the areas of their operation and the reuse of old-year strings on less active tracks.

Surfacing of crosspieces and rail ends
Seamless joint
Gas press welding
Induction welding

Our work

The company operates on the sections of the Moscow, Gorkovskaya, South-Eastern, Far Eastern, Krasnoyarsk, Northern, Privolzhskaya railways. In 2018, the company became the sole owner in the Russian Federation of the technology for aluminothermic welding of rail joints using the intermediate casting method. Also, under the control of OOO Magistral-T, a casting component and accessories for aluminothermic welding are produced.

Crimean railway
Automated oxygen and propane supply
JSC «Russian Railways» began work with aluminothermic welding using the «Magistral-T» technology
LLC «Magistral-T» conducted tests to obtain a flush-free joint